25 Mar 2007


Last week, for the first time since I joined this practice four months ago, I could find myself developed!

I started working on new projects two week ago and now I'm enjoying working with new people. The project architect LR is really a nice lady and I'm doing quite well with her despite the anxiety I had. On Friday of the week before, we had a farewell party for a colleague, which was the most enjoyable drink with my colleagues so far. I always find it difficult to speak in a very loud place like pub, but in the party I could enjoy speaking with many people. Particularly, it was very nice to speak with LR. We talked about a lot of things but the most meaningful thing was that she was happy about helping me do more important jobs.

This experience of the party apparently encouraged me to have a positivity at work. On the next Monday, from the beginning of the day I was feeling so good. In the general office meeting, I could even speak something for the first time! (Though it was sort of a personal matter.) This was the day, I have realised I'm doing much better than the time I started.

LR is a lovely English lady with beautiful blond hair. Unfortunately, she has just got married...

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