8 Apr 2007

back to the 'back to the future'

I have moved to a new house, as I really couldn’t stand the couple flat mates’ mess and behaviour anymore.

This time, I’m gonna live in a family house. But it’s more individual than the so-called homestay as the house is big and I don’t have to share the bathroom with many people.

One of the best aspects of this house is the cosy and spacious living room, where I can sit on a sofa and relax with cable TV. Just on the next day of my moving in, I happened to see the film Back to the Future on TV, when I was sitting the sofa. This is one of my favourite films. Actually, this is the film I’ve seen on the very first date with my very first girlfriend in 1986. I’ve already seen it several times but every time I see it it reminds me of my younger days.

I don’t know why but the girl in the film called Loraine, the ‘future’ mother of Michael J Fox as Marty Mcfly, synchronises with my girlfriend at that time. I was feeling as if I’ve travelled to the past…

The occasion I was watching this film this time was completely different from the place when I first saw it. I’ve realised that I’ve travelled so far from that time… I’ve never imagined at that time where I would see this film twenty years later and how I would feel about it. It is obviously impossible to predict ones future. If I could travel to twenty years ago, what would I like to say to me in 1986?

The address of this new house is, actually, called ‘Loraine Road’. When I first heard it, I just felt it’s a bit familiar name… Yes, it is.

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