17 Dec 2007

THE VERVE live at roundhouse

Oops, it’s already more than a month ago, but, sorry, I just don’t want to miss this topic out…

The Verve
venue: Roundhouse, London (Chalk Farm)
date: 9th Dec 2007
time: 9:00 - 11:00 pm
support: None

Yes, I’ve seen The Verve! This is just incredible!! I had never ever expected to see them anymore since they split up in early 1999 until their recent surprising announcement of reunion.

As I wrote previously, I’ve once chased them up to Leeds to see their performance at V98 festival. But it was a bit frustrating one as the guitarist Nick had just left the band before their breakup. Then, finally, they had never come to Japan despite an awfully high demand.

And, this time, it was excellent! It was obviously different from what I’ve seen before. It was massively energetic and devastating, and was even different from the image of the band which I’d been having. I’ve now realised that they were actually a live band! Amazingly, they have played for bloody two hours! They are still young enough to rock.

When Richard Ashcroft walked into the stage, I was knocked out. He was just… cool! So cool!! What a man!!!

Also, the venue was amazing. Roundhouse is a recently remodelled live venue which had been given an architectural award, and it was literally originally a roundhouse. It is not just unusual but the interior was so cool! This is England! This is The Verve!!

To be continued!!