25 Mar 2007


Last week, for the first time since I joined this practice four months ago, I could find myself developed!

I started working on new projects two week ago and now I'm enjoying working with new people. The project architect LR is really a nice lady and I'm doing quite well with her despite the anxiety I had. On Friday of the week before, we had a farewell party for a colleague, which was the most enjoyable drink with my colleagues so far. I always find it difficult to speak in a very loud place like pub, but in the party I could enjoy speaking with many people. Particularly, it was very nice to speak with LR. We talked about a lot of things but the most meaningful thing was that she was happy about helping me do more important jobs.

This experience of the party apparently encouraged me to have a positivity at work. On the next Monday, from the beginning of the day I was feeling so good. In the general office meeting, I could even speak something for the first time! (Though it was sort of a personal matter.) This was the day, I have realised I'm doing much better than the time I started.

LR is a lovely English lady with beautiful blond hair. Unfortunately, she has just got married...

16 Mar 2007


Today I had a chance to talk with my English flat mate JD. Why I say 'chance'? It is because we hardly see him at home. Particularly in the past few weeks he was almost missing, though I could somehow notice he was at home.

I might have already wrote something but I've decided to move out from this flat as soon as possible. I can't stand the mess and behavior of 'that' couple anymore. Fortunately, I've got a very good offer of a room and am supposed to visit the place this Saturday. So I needed to tell JD about my plan.

I've already told the couple the other day. I wasn't 100% honest about my complaints against them but I confessed that I was not feeling very comfortable. Surprisingly, the guy admitted they were too messy and said 'we have almost took over the living room'.

Oi, you were aware, hah!? Yes, you guys are living in the living room!

On top of that, he told me that they are planning to move out, too! He confessed that they are not gonna live together anymore and will move out after a couple of months.

I needed to hear JD's plan, because I will have to tell the next occupier of my room about the condition of the house lease. He said he was gonna stay here until the current contract expires in November. However, he agreed with my complaints and told me he actually didn't even want to meet the couple! This was why he was almost hiding himself. Now, this is really a problem isn't it!? Two people apart from the couple are feeling annoyed with the couple's attitude...


Well, actually I've been wondering that JD might have had some mental problem. But, apparently, problem was not with him but only with the couple. I mean, what I wanted to write today was that it was really nice to talk with JD. It is obvious that we could share the same feeling, but I've realised again that this is the thing we normally experience in a shared house. This is what flat mate is meant to be! Today we were totally 'equal' each other. Now I've just realised that I've been always a bit nervous when I meet the couple mates.

It was also nice that I felt a bit easier than usual to speak with the northern guy with a strong accent. I was able to catch less than half of what he said, but today it was about two third!

11 Mar 2007

good-bye brad

I was shocked by the news that Bradley Delp, the lead singer of the American band Boston, has suddenly died on 9 March at the age of 55.

I don't listen to American rock so much but Boston is one of the exceptions and surely the best American band for me. Their debut album 'Boston' released in 1976 has sold 17 million copies and is still the best selling debut album ever in the world. This is of course one of my favorite albums and I still listen to it at least once a month.

I still remember that In 1987, when I happened to hear their debut song 'More Than a Feeling' from the FM broadcast, I was totally fascinated. I wasn't aware of the name of the band but the song was so familiar to me and gave me a feeling of traveling back to the good old days or maybe to the space - I knew this song because my brother used to play their record at home.

Brad's voice was incredibly high but at the same time very powerful. Nobody can sing like him, like nobody can sing like Freddie Mercury.

I've been listening to their first album five times today, but it still sounds fresh and gives me a nice feeling, not just a feeling maybe. Thank you, and good-by Brad.

More Than a Feeling / Boston

'I looked out this morning and the sun was gone'
'Turned on some music to start my day'
'I lost myself in a familiar song'
'I closed my eyes and I slipped away'

'It's more than a feeling when I hear that old song they used to play'
'I begin dreaming till I see Marianne walk away'
'I see my Marianne walking away......'

10 Mar 2007

4 lectures, 1 exhibition and 2 concerts in only 3 weeks

Tomorrow will be the holiday first time in two weeks! Today we have managed to finish the preparation of our proposal submission for a school project, on which I have been working since I joined this practice in early November. I am feeling excited but nervous about starting working on other projects from next week.

Though I was pretty busy for work lately, I was also busy after work - I've been to FOUR lectures by architects in three weeks! Was I ever so enthusiastic? Actually, those include Helzog & De Muron and Shigeru Ban!! Anyway, I think I need to write about them later.

On the one hand, I've been to Brett Anderson concert!! I saw him several times in Japan, but it was first time in England - it was as if I've seen him for the very first time, I don't know why. A bit strange feeling, I'm shocked...

There are so many things to write about, but less time to do...