10 Mar 2007

4 lectures, 1 exhibition and 2 concerts in only 3 weeks

Tomorrow will be the holiday first time in two weeks! Today we have managed to finish the preparation of our proposal submission for a school project, on which I have been working since I joined this practice in early November. I am feeling excited but nervous about starting working on other projects from next week.

Though I was pretty busy for work lately, I was also busy after work - I've been to FOUR lectures by architects in three weeks! Was I ever so enthusiastic? Actually, those include Helzog & De Muron and Shigeru Ban!! Anyway, I think I need to write about them later.

On the one hand, I've been to Brett Anderson concert!! I saw him several times in Japan, but it was first time in England - it was as if I've seen him for the very first time, I don't know why. A bit strange feeling, I'm shocked...

There are so many things to write about, but less time to do...

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