16 Mar 2007


Today I had a chance to talk with my English flat mate JD. Why I say 'chance'? It is because we hardly see him at home. Particularly in the past few weeks he was almost missing, though I could somehow notice he was at home.

I might have already wrote something but I've decided to move out from this flat as soon as possible. I can't stand the mess and behavior of 'that' couple anymore. Fortunately, I've got a very good offer of a room and am supposed to visit the place this Saturday. So I needed to tell JD about my plan.

I've already told the couple the other day. I wasn't 100% honest about my complaints against them but I confessed that I was not feeling very comfortable. Surprisingly, the guy admitted they were too messy and said 'we have almost took over the living room'.

Oi, you were aware, hah!? Yes, you guys are living in the living room!

On top of that, he told me that they are planning to move out, too! He confessed that they are not gonna live together anymore and will move out after a couple of months.

I needed to hear JD's plan, because I will have to tell the next occupier of my room about the condition of the house lease. He said he was gonna stay here until the current contract expires in November. However, he agreed with my complaints and told me he actually didn't even want to meet the couple! This was why he was almost hiding himself. Now, this is really a problem isn't it!? Two people apart from the couple are feeling annoyed with the couple's attitude...


Well, actually I've been wondering that JD might have had some mental problem. But, apparently, problem was not with him but only with the couple. I mean, what I wanted to write today was that it was really nice to talk with JD. It is obvious that we could share the same feeling, but I've realised again that this is the thing we normally experience in a shared house. This is what flat mate is meant to be! Today we were totally 'equal' each other. Now I've just realised that I've been always a bit nervous when I meet the couple mates.

It was also nice that I felt a bit easier than usual to speak with the northern guy with a strong accent. I was able to catch less than half of what he said, but today it was about two third!

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