2 Feb 2009

(I’m a) Japanese Man in London

Today in London, we had the heaviest snowfall in 18 years.

This morning, as I’d expected, it was a complete chaos in transport – all trains and tube were running with delay or disrupted, or even suspended. And…. No buses at all! It was told that it was the first time in the living memory.

I was watching TV this morning and it seemed most of the employees in London would stay at home, and I was thinking of what to do. Then, I’ve realised the overground train line near me was running, so I forced myself to the office. I’ve actually got stuck on a train on the way for an hour!

When I finally got to the office, I was surprised… Almost everyone was there!

I was already informed from my friend that her office was closed today. The city was apparently quiet. However, my office was as normal

“Is this an office in Japan?”

As there was a severe weather warning and also I’ve already experienced a trouble, I really thought we should go home early. The office finally decided to close at 4 pm. Today, I came in the latest and left first. I didn’t feel like a Japanese today.