30 Sep 2007

ERASURE LIVE at Royal Albert Hall

This was one of the most important events for me this year – the first ever chance to see Erasure’s full concert and first time to visit Royal Albert Hall!

Erasure ‘Light at the End of the World Tour 2007’
Date: 25 Sep 2007
Venue: Royal Albert hall, London
Support: one two

Since I was fascinated with their song ‘A Little Respect’ in 1988, I have been a huge fan of them. However, after missing their concert in Tokyo in 1989, I had never had a chance to see them until I came to London. Luckily, I’ve finally managed to see them at their acoustic live last year. The show was fantastic and I was so happy. But to be honest, I wasn’t a hundred per cent convinced as it wasn’t a normal live. So, then, the time has come!

Another special feature was the venue. Royal Albert Hall is not a highly acclaimed architecture but I quite like its appearance, probably because I’ve come across it on the very first day of my visit to London in 1993. I sometimes happen to see some classic concerts at the hall on TV, and every time I was dreaming of going there.

The show was very simple. The most interesting aspect of the concert was the band… Basically, there was no band but a small computer set. All the music was played by Vince with a Mac Book, a little keyboard or something and a little bit of guitar. The singer Andy loves karaoke, and in a way the concert was rather like a karaoke show. I thought it was rather honest as they are an electric pop band.

I enjoyed singing too, to their hit tunes mostly from 80’s and 90’s. As I used to sing them at home or in my car so many times, I remember most of the lyrics. I believe there’s no other Japanese who can sing Erasure songs like me!

When they started playing A Little Respect, I couldn’t help crying! I’ve realised this song is really very special. Of course, everyone was singing!! If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve gotta listen to it!!

20 Sep 2007

'did you have a good time?'

As I wrote in the last topic, the stay in Japan was wonderful. As I’ve totally adapted the life in Japan, while I was there my life in London seemed even like a dream. So I was a bit worried that it might be difficult to re-adapt this life and the environment in the office in London, and about the use of English as well.

However, there was nothing difficult. I was a bit nervous when I returned to the office, but after having some chat with my colleagues I could easily settle down.

I rather felt very comfortable to be there again, because many people warmly welcomed me. This is just a general custom but everybody asked me about my holiday. Particularly, I was glad that LR welcomed me kindly with many smile. I’ve realised that this kind of people’s attitude is one of the good things in Europe. I think this was also one of the factors which made me interested in British and European culture long time ago.

I brought some sweets from Japan to the office. This is also a common thing in the office, which is almost the same as Japanese. But the different thing is the way people appreciate it. As soon as I opened my sweets called Yatsuhash, made in Kyoto, many people gathered around and curiously looked at them. Even the graphic on the box has amazed them. Yes, this is exactly what I expected! Finally, TQ asked me if he could bring one home for his girlfriend with the box. I was very happy as everybody enjoyed it.

11 Sep 2007

summer holiday 2007 in japan

Yesterday, I’ve just come back to London from two weeks holiday in Japan. Yes, I had a great time! I was too busy for meeting friends and I didn’t even have time to write from Japan…

Thank you everyone, who came to meet me during my stay. I’ve met thirty people in total, but I couldn’t meet everyone I wanted to meet. The stay seemed like a month as I met different people almost everyday, but it was still too short! Sorry to those who I missed. Let’s make it next time, definitely!