30 Sep 2007

ERASURE LIVE at Royal Albert Hall

This was one of the most important events for me this year – the first ever chance to see Erasure’s full concert and first time to visit Royal Albert Hall!

Erasure ‘Light at the End of the World Tour 2007’
Date: 25 Sep 2007
Venue: Royal Albert hall, London
Support: one two

Since I was fascinated with their song ‘A Little Respect’ in 1988, I have been a huge fan of them. However, after missing their concert in Tokyo in 1989, I had never had a chance to see them until I came to London. Luckily, I’ve finally managed to see them at their acoustic live last year. The show was fantastic and I was so happy. But to be honest, I wasn’t a hundred per cent convinced as it wasn’t a normal live. So, then, the time has come!

Another special feature was the venue. Royal Albert Hall is not a highly acclaimed architecture but I quite like its appearance, probably because I’ve come across it on the very first day of my visit to London in 1993. I sometimes happen to see some classic concerts at the hall on TV, and every time I was dreaming of going there.

The show was very simple. The most interesting aspect of the concert was the band… Basically, there was no band but a small computer set. All the music was played by Vince with a Mac Book, a little keyboard or something and a little bit of guitar. The singer Andy loves karaoke, and in a way the concert was rather like a karaoke show. I thought it was rather honest as they are an electric pop band.

I enjoyed singing too, to their hit tunes mostly from 80’s and 90’s. As I used to sing them at home or in my car so many times, I remember most of the lyrics. I believe there’s no other Japanese who can sing Erasure songs like me!

When they started playing A Little Respect, I couldn’t help crying! I’ve realised this song is really very special. Of course, everyone was singing!! If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve gotta listen to it!!

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