31 Oct 2007

'october 2007'

This is the first and last note of this month. In fact, I could’ve written everyday – there have been so much happening. My life has dramatically changed only within one month.

One important thing is that I’m changing my work from 12th November. I sometimes wrote about some of my frustration at work on this blog, but I’ve finally decided to leave my current office. I felt the need of changing the environment. I thought that’s the best thing I can do for now in order for the achievement of my plan. Very fortunately, I’ve managed to find the next place so soon. That’s the place where my best English friend NY is working.

At the current office, I was certainly getting better and feeling much more confident than before. Maybe I should rather say I was ‘recovering’ as I was getting used to the work in this country including the use of English. But, at one point I started feeling difficult to change the ‘atmosphere’. Even though I’ve changed quickly, people didn’t seem to have changed how they treat me accordingly.

Particularly, it was really difficult to make my boss have a proper understanding about my career. When I spoke with him lately, I was so disappointed – he said, “I know you have very good experiences in Japan. You were working for a construction company, weren’t you? What can I say!?

Also, I’ve found the fact that I tended to adapt the ‘atmosphere’ and even sometimes forgot about challenging. I thought that if I change the work, I would be able to make a new start from a higher position and, at the same time, I could put more pressure on myself.

I thought it is a nice idea to work with NY as he has the best understanding of me. As a result, in the interview with his company, they understood about my career and what I intend to do very well. I believe NY’s recommendation of me to the company helped a lot for this. They are offering me a good condition with more responsibility. This means, I am now stepping up to the next starting point!

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