11 Mar 2007

good-bye brad

I was shocked by the news that Bradley Delp, the lead singer of the American band Boston, has suddenly died on 9 March at the age of 55.

I don't listen to American rock so much but Boston is one of the exceptions and surely the best American band for me. Their debut album 'Boston' released in 1976 has sold 17 million copies and is still the best selling debut album ever in the world. This is of course one of my favorite albums and I still listen to it at least once a month.

I still remember that In 1987, when I happened to hear their debut song 'More Than a Feeling' from the FM broadcast, I was totally fascinated. I wasn't aware of the name of the band but the song was so familiar to me and gave me a feeling of traveling back to the good old days or maybe to the space - I knew this song because my brother used to play their record at home.

Brad's voice was incredibly high but at the same time very powerful. Nobody can sing like him, like nobody can sing like Freddie Mercury.

I've been listening to their first album five times today, but it still sounds fresh and gives me a nice feeling, not just a feeling maybe. Thank you, and good-by Brad.

More Than a Feeling / Boston

'I looked out this morning and the sun was gone'
'Turned on some music to start my day'
'I lost myself in a familiar song'
'I closed my eyes and I slipped away'

'It's more than a feeling when I hear that old song they used to play'
'I begin dreaming till I see Marianne walk away'
'I see my Marianne walking away......'

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