30 Apr 2007

the long and winding road

In my current project, I've attended the last three meetings with the client, that is a council in London. The project architect LR is trying to give me as many chances to be involved in important occasions as possible as she promised before. However, I am now faced with a difficulty. In the meetings, literally, I can only understand half of the conversation.

LR suggested to prepare the minutes. After the first meeting, I have somehow written a draft and LR seemed a bit surprised at what I've done. She even said 'this is perfect!', though many of the notes have been corrected by her. I myself thought it was better than I've expected. I've told her that I used do this when I was working in Nepal.

In the second attempt, it's got worse. Most of my notes have been corrected by her. In the third one, at last, she's done it before I try! I understood that's probably because we were so busy that she needed to organise our work in the most productive way. But I also thought that she might have a bit disappointed with my second minutes.

I have realised I must try really really hard. Unless I wouldn't be able to have a meeting with a client just by myself, I would never have a chance to work as a project architect. COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR ANY ARCHITECTS!!

The road is long.

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