14 Apr 2007

life on ‘life on mars’

On Tuesday night, I’ve watched the last episode of a TV drama called ‘Life on Mars’, on which I’ve been hooked lately. The leading actor John Simm is so very cool! This is a story about a Detective Chief Inspector working for Manchester Police, who had been hit by a car and woken up back in 1973. He isn’t sure if he has gone back in time, is in a coma or has gone insane. He struggles with working as a Detective Inspector in a totally different circumstance in thirty years ago, and tries to work out how he can get home.

This was the second series, following the series one broadcast a year ago. When I happened to see a couple of episodes of series one, I thought it was very interesting. Because of the strong accent I couldn’t follow everything, but the atmosphere of the drama was very special. – A good air of 70’s, the wild but human cops, with great 70’s music.

Yes, music is an aspect of this drama. As you might have recognised it, the title derived from a David Bowie hit song ‘Life on Mars’ and is the theme song. As 1973 was just in the glam movement, many of glam rock music, such as T-Rex and Sweet, were featured, very loudly!

I couldn’t see all episodes of series two due to the ‘bloody’ annoying ex-flatmates, but I could enjoy the final one very much. It was a very much ‘understandable’ end of the show. I thought it was a very happy ending, but I felt a bit sad about it’s all ended – I felt like staying there in 1973 forever.

Actually, I’ve bought the complete dvd set of series one recently. I’m watching it day after day, and listening to Bowie every day. I really hope this will be on air in Japan, I’m sure it will make a hit. It’s really cool!!

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