8 May 2007

manic street preachers - send away the tigers

The 'real' Manics is back! This is brilliant!!

When I go to a record shop for buying a new stuff, usually the album is played there and it makes me feel so good. This would happen in Japan, too. Similarly, when I went to HMV in Oxford Street today, the new Manic Street Preachers' new album was being played. I could recognise it straightaway, although I hadn't heard it yet. The music is really exciting and is more like punk as they used be. Actually, I couldn't help shaking my body to the beat!

The sound is apparently influenced by their best acclaimed album 'Everything Must Go' (1996). To be honest, last two albums were too experimental and I was a bit frustrated. But now, they have gone back to the basics and are playing harder. I'm getting so excited for their gig, end of this month!!!

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