28 May 2007

a letter from kathmandu

All of a sudden, an email has been sent to me from Kathmandu, Nepal. It was from a manager of the organisation which was our client when I was staying in Nepal for my duty on an ODA (Japanese grant aid) project.

Honestly, it was a very difficult organisation as it was a public sector. Many people from the client side, especially the government people, were very difficult to deal with, like the politicians in Japan. However, the manager, at the same age as me, was literally a very friendly and reliable person. We were, perhaps, friends. He was more human like the typical simple Nepalese people are.

He mentioned in the email that, they are trying to make the most of the facilities we built in the project, and he thanked to ‘the gift from people of Japan’. I was so pleased to hear this. I can now regard my hard times in Nepal very worthy.

Unfortunately, ODA is actually a kind of business. It is basically supposed to help people in poor countries, but in reality there are more reasons. Even in our project, there were some businesses that I can’t talk about in here. I knew he was in a very difficult position. He sometimes needed to refuse our request against his will, due to some unreasonable reason…

But, we both know that we are good friends. I know he is a very good man. It’s such a wonderful thing that we still have a friendship no matter where in the world we are. In fact, he might still have many difficulties with our ‘expensive gift’. But, even so, we are friends and I know he is really thankful to the Japanese people!

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