18 Nov 2007

a new start

I had a good start with my new job!

I started working there from last Monday straightaway after I left the last office on Friday the week before. At the last office I worked as normal almost until the end and at the new office I started working as normal almost from the beginning. It was almost like I just changed the place of work but not the work itself. I rather enjoyed my ability to adapt an immediate change of environment.

I tell you what, I didn’t feel nervous at all! It was so very different from the time I joined the last practice. It is true that I was quite familiar with the office as I used to go there for a couple of weeks last summer for helping my friend NY’s own work, who was at that time freelancing there. But I believe that is almost because of my progress. In fact, there are only a few people left since I was there.

I was also lucky to start with the project NY is working on. This must be the reason why I didn’t realise I’ve changed my work.

The first week actually seemed relatively long. I didn’t think I was feeling any stress from moving, but now it seems actually I was. This weekend, I’ve been feeling very tired! Anyway, I’m happy about the fact that I could work as normal at two different places without any break and I had a good start!

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