22 Nov 2007

leaving the office

It is chronologically the other way round, but I would like to talk a bit about when I left the last office.

Every time when someone left the last office, the bosses organised an office drink on the person’s last day. Just after I joined the practice an year ago, I have experienced this custom as a woman was leaving the office and going back to Australia. I was actually amazed as the ceremony was impressive and the people in the office were so friendly. She was given nice presents and cards from both the bosses and colleagues, then she gave us a speech with tears in her eyes.

I remember at that time I just couldn’t imagine this would happen to me some day. Particularly, it was very difficult to imagine I would make a speech in English in front of twenty professional architects! Yes, I wasn’t confident with my English at all. Mind you, I’m not saying I am now totally confident, though.

However, as a result, the time has come so soon. When I decided to leave, I was still nervous about the ceremony, but luckily, there was another person leaving on the same day. Also, I was there only for a year, so it wasn’t that emotional thing. I could somehow make a speech.

I was a bit frustrated with my speech. I’ve realised I still have to practice English very hard. But now it seems it wasn’t too bad. Maybe I should be confident about it a little bit.

I’ve got fantastic presents and cards from the bosses and from my colleagues. The boss gave me very nice words. She appreciated my work very much and it seemed to be quite an honest feeling. It was such a wonderful experience, I am really happy about it.

Oh, I just forgot to say, I’ve worked just as normal until just an hour before the end!!

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