27 Jun 2007

the verve reunion!!

It’s incredible!!! The Verve is reunited!

I’ve just happened to find this news and I still can’t believe it. The Verve is one of the most important bands for me. Particularly, Richard Ashcroft, the front man and vocalist, is the charismatic person – more ‘practicaly’ than my dear Freddie.

They had split up in 1999, and as far as I’m concerned they finally didn’t manage to come to Japan and play. But I could luckily see their concert once – I flew to England and chased them to Leeds in 1998. It was a bit reckless plan. I left Tokyo on a Saturday and in Sunday morning I took a train from London to Leeds to go to V Festival. I didn’t book any accommodation and I didn’t even have a ticket! However, everything went so well! Ultimately, I was so very lucky.

Even at that time, the guitarist Nick had already left the band, and to be honest the concert was not very convincing. But, now they have already announced the tour dates in November, so I will finally be able to see the very original Verve!! I am so lucky again, I have never ever imagined this would ever happen!

I’ve been feeling that recently I’ve written too much about music, which is not the main theme of this blog, but I really couldn’t help writing this.

*photo taken at Richard Ashcroft concert in June 2006 at Old Trafford Cricket Ground Manchester

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