10 Jun 2007

design team meeting

My current project is now in the final stage of design. Last week we had a design team meeting with all other consultants – structural and mechanical & electrical engineers, a landscape architect and a quantity surveyor. It was the first time to attend this kind of meeting.

I wasn’t feeling nervous and I could talk quite a lot. I could realise I’m getting used to everything and working quite like I was doing in the office in Japan. There are more times that I get frustrated and get pissed off, but this time it was a very nice feeling.

I’m also getting used to telephone a bit. These days I have quite a lot of opportunities that I have to call somebody. But recently I’ve found myself not getting very nervous like I was before.

I’ve realised that either for attending a meeting or conversation over the phone, if I am relaxed things will be all right somehow. I really hope this will make me more confident, because confidence is literally the most important thing for me now!

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