20 Feb 2007

living on my own?

Recently, I tend to stay in my tiny bedroom at night because I have realised a couple of weeks ago that I'm getting pissed off with the my flat mate couple. But today I happened to have a chat with them at our supper in the dining, which reminded me of the importance of sharing time with other people at home. I haven't had that kind of feeling for quite a long time. I found myself really enjoying the moment although I'm still a bit annoyed with them.

I've already decided to move out from this house as soon as possible and been thinking that it might be a good idea to go back to the 'living on my own'. However, to be honest, I am a very nervous person and I tend to fall into a deep thought about what I really don't have to think about. Sometimes I even feel very difficult to get away from it. It is obvious that my old flat mates in the last flat had saved me from that problem very often.

Probably, one of the reasons I felt like being alone was the fact that I am now working. Meeting flat mates after work is sometimes a bit difficult. On the one hand, I have noticed that I don't really have much time to chat with my colleagues in the office - most of the working hours I'm only communicating with the PC. I think I don't have enough chances of practicing my English in the office.

So, now I don't really know what is the best thing to do. Somehow I need to wait for a couple of months until I have enough budget before I move to the next place, so I think I'm gonna have a think about it for a while. Anyway, next place will be already the 5th place to live in London in only two years! It's exciting, isn't it?

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