13 Jan 2009

Two Lives

It’s already a bit too late, but...Happy new year!

It was the sixth time of visiting Japan since I came to London, but, as always, during the stay it was very difficult to imagine my everyday life in London – I’ve realised (again) Japan is such a different place from Britain and I felt as if I was living in two different worlds. I didn’t think I would easily get back to my normal life in London, particularly to my work.

However, I didn’t feel any difficulty when I dived into the office yesterday morning, just after the day when I came back to London. I’ve found myself speaking just as normal. This might have been the first time I’ve felt that I can speak English just ‘naturally’. Maybe I can be more confident about being a real cosmopolitan.

At the same time, I felt the people in the office were very welcoming. It’s really difficult to explain about the feeling of this but I have to say this is something I would never experience in Japan.

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